Field Trip to Bone Highlight: Talking about Fishery Data with Fishermen is Fun!

1 Mar 2017
Indah Rufiati

MDPI’s Communication and Development (CD) team have been on the road! Deirdre, Nuri and Indah, were in MDPI’s site in Bone, South Sulawesi from February 7 – 10 to conduct three activities: I-Fish Data Communication Cruiseship, Short Lecture about Sustainable Fishery and Community Movie Night. MDPI’s Communication and Development team were of course supported by the amazing field team: Sahril (Site Supervisor) and Alwi (Sustainability Facilitator) during the visit.

The first activity was I – Fish Data Communication Cruiseship “Diskusi Santai tentang Ikan”, an activity aiming at discussing the small-scale fishery data collected by MDPI in Bone, with fishermen involved in the data collection activity itself. By conducting this event annually, we hope that fishermen will understand more about the use and the importance of data collection for them in particular, such as the history of bait use that generates higher catch each month, the information about the yellowfin tuna length frequency from the previous year, the highest bycatch species, and more. The discussion was conducted in a supplier’s house, Puang Awing, and was attended by 12 fishermen. Deirdre, Sahril and Nuri all presented on various aspects of the data and the MDPI programs. After the official agenda the discussion became less formal, the fishermen told us about the use of artificial baitfish with artificial squid ink made from paint. They were wondering if that kind of bait is dangerous for the fish or environment… MDPI is on the search for more detailed info on this approach and what is any issues there may be. These exchanges are so useful, us learning the current fishing condition from them and hopefully the communities gaining valuable information and input from us! As a wrap-up, we played the “Sweet Sustainability Game”, a fun (and potentially childish way!!! 🙂 ) to simulate responsible fishing at sea… believe it or not the fishermen get totally involved!

At the Politeknik (POLTEK) Kelautan dan Perikanan Bone we conducted a short intro lecture on fisheries sustainability. It was attended by 33 students and 10 lecturers. The short lecture was opened by the head of POLTEK, Mr. Yip Regan, highlighting how happy they were to be able to attend in this kind of activity. Sahril, Alwi and Nuri all presented on different aspects ranging from sustainability, data collection and Regional Fisheries Management Organisations (RFMO). All 3 lectures gave rise to some lively conversation and discussion. All of the participants, both students and lecturers were very enthusiastic and talkative… with this warm reception we may have to go back again next year!

MDPI team with students and lecturers in POLTEK Kelautan dan Perikanan Bone. Photo credit: MDPI

And last but not least… Movie Night in fishing villages Lonrae and Cumpae, to raise awareness on Endangered Threatened and Protected (ETP) species. We screened a movie about the ocean environment and invited people in the community. In total 72 people joined the event and were as enthusiastic as they were last year 🙂

Movie Night in Cumpae Village. Photo credit: MDPI

MDPI would love to thank all of the participants who make our field trip in Bone amazing and successful. For the full pictures of the event, visit our Facebook Page or our Twitter account. Hope to see you all in Bone next year!

Writer: Indah Rufiati

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