Fair Trade Team…. on the Road and Learning!

2 Jan 2018
Indah Rufiati

The MDPI Fair Trade (FT) Department held an internal capacity building for 5 days from October 17 – 21 in Yogyakarta. The purpose of this activity was to increase staff knowledge on how other organizations implementing the Fair Trade Program conduct their work and to gain some inspiration on how to do our job (even) better 😉!!. There were 3 Fair Trade implementers in Yogyakarta that we visited there: APIKRI Yogyakarta, Koperasi Karmatera and the owner of CV. Inagro Jinawi. Two of these organizations are following the Fair Trade International standards, whereas the third described below follows the Fair Trade USA standard, similar to MDPI.

APIKIRI (Asosiasi Pengembangan Industri Kerajinan Rakyat Indonesia) is a Fair Trade organization that combines community development and market development for small-scale handicraft industry. It was established in 1987 and has at least 1,000 craftspeople all over Yogyakarta. APIKRI helped the craftspeople in promotion, quality improvement, packaging and shipment. Handicrafts produced by the craftspeople will be marketed to foreign countries by APIKRI. With the assistance of APIKRI, now the craftspeople understand the importance of product quality and marketing continuity.

The second institution we visited was Koperasi Simpan Pinjam Karya Manunggal Sejahtera (KSP Karmatera), located in Hargorojo Village, Bagelen District, Purworejo Regency. It was established in 2015 and currently has 456 members from 14 coconut sugar farmer groups in Kulonprogo, Magelang and Purworejo. From the sales of coconut sugar, 30% will be set aside for environmental programs and 70% will be used for community development and the improvement of production standards. From their Fair Trade activities, producers already have a decent kitchen in their homes, equipped with trash bins.

Last but not least, the MDPI Fair Trade team met with Ibu Setyastuti, the owner of CV. Inagro Jinawi. Companies that are also engaged in the coconut sugar industry and has been able to help many of their farmers in the improvement of production standards such as kitchen improvement and chimney development so that smoke does not billow in the house.

The MDPI Fair Trade Team learnt a lot during this visits and it was a good opportunity for us to get new insights on other Fair Trade implementation. Hopefully, with this capacity building activity, we can be more innovative in running our own Fair Trade Program. Our big thanks to all of the organizations in Yogyakarta who host us and allowed us to learn from them.

Writer: Arroyan Suwarno

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