Fair Trade Evaluation and Coordination Meeting 2015

16 Nov 2015
Indah Rufiati

Fair Trade program progress in 2015 has been immense, if we do say so ourselves!!

One of the bigger achievements is the increasing number of Fair Trade registered fishermen, especially in Maluku sites. In 2014, the number of fishermen was 104 fishermen, now in 2015 there are 510 Fair Trade registered fishermen.

One of Fair Trade team attempts to improve the success of Fair Trade program is by implement Fair Trade evaluation and coordination meeting. The Fair Trade evaluation and coordination meeting was held in early October 2015 in Bali office. October really was a very busy month for all of MDPI team! Many activities happened including MDPI Training and Gathering and Training of Trainers as MDPI’s commitment to always improving the capability of our staff. Fair Trade evaluation and coordination meeting was held in order to coordinate every trade Fair Trade site to be more effective and structured better, through better planning. The Fair Trade program in the seafood sector is still in a pilot phase and it requires all of the Fair Trade team to keep learning and improving the coordination system between team, data filing system, and the reporting system. This meeting aimed to create a team fully functional and fully equipped to implement the standard to the highest level possible.

The meeting was attended by Fair Trade USA staff, Sven Blankenhorn; Site Supervisors and Site Sustainability Assistants from several sites: Inayah, Meilen Louth, Nilam Ratna, Satria Timur, La Ode Maaruf and Hendri Tiala. Fair Trade’s Manager Yasmine Simbolon and Fair Trade’s Coordinator Widi Artanti were the trainers of the meeting.

The points discussed in the meeting were the 6 sections of the FT standard (http://befair.org/images/pdfs/Fair-Trade-USA-Capture-Fisheries-Standard-Infographic.pdf) that was discussed one by one to equate perceptions; problem mapping and solutions from each site; coordination system, reporting system as well as filing system in cloud storage. This activity ran smoothly and produced what we hope will be a better working, coordination and reporting system. Go team Fair Trade!

Writer: La Ode Maaruf and Indah Rufiati

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