Do You Know What a Fishackathon is???

26 Jun 2015
Indah Rufiati

Fishackathon is a public-private partnership launched by the US Secretary’s Office of Global Partnerships (S/GP) which is aiming at the expansion of mobile technology use across the world to address sustainable fishery challenges and the protection of the ocean. Fishackathon is a computer coding and other technology intensive event where developers, designers, project managers, and subject matter experts come together to create applications, systems, and tools for sustainable fishery issues that will be deployed on multiple platforms.

MDPI Intro to the world of coding…

The Fishackathon event in Indonesia was conducted on June 5-7th 2015 in Jakarta, and attended by 4 groups of participants. They were being challenged to develop a solution which addresses one of the four areas in Indonesian marine and fisheries:

  1. Fisheries Management – drawing on science to find ways to protect fishery resources in order to achieve sustainable fisheries.
  2. Conservation – preservation, protection, or restoration of the earth’s natural environment, natural ecosystems, vegetation, wildlife, and biodiversity.
  3. Aquaculture – the breeding, rearing, and harvesting of aquatic plants and animals in all types of water environments for food or to enhance recreational, commercial, and ecologically-important species and habitats.
  4. Traceability – the ability to verify the history, location, or application of an item by means of a documented recorded identification.

Stephani and Rini from the MDPI Traceability team were appointed as jury panels and mentors on the event. Both gave presentations about marine and fisheries in Indonesia to all of the participants as an initial marine and fisheries background for them to create a product to be presented in front of all jury panels.

The 4 groups developed some great ideas to address the challenges:

  1. Data collection mobile application for small scale fisheries.
  2. Equipment such as fish finder that will be implemented in small scale fishery.
  3. “Penyusuar”, a community based turtle eggs care that will be placed in turtle hatching spot and it will detect if there are any threats to the eggs and it will send a notification to the members of the community.
  4. “Nuswantara”, an application to gather marine and fisheries information that will be used for knowledge management system.

After the presentation from the participants, the jury panels determined that the winner of Indonesia fishackathon is Penyusuar. As a prize, the winning team will receive an all-expense paid trip to mFish Indonesia initiative mission to Lombok Island, providing an extremely unique opportunity to test their winning solutions and used first by mFish Stakeholders.

Hopefully this and more innovative mobile technology applications can support our work and the work of others to bring about sustainability and management in a simple yet inexpensive and innovative way… MDPI says ‘bring on the technology’!!!

Rini and Stephani from the MDPI Traceability team were appointed as jury panels and mentors

“Penyusuar”, the winner of Indonesia fishackathon

Writer: Indah Rufiati

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