Diskusi Santai Tentang Ikan: The first leg of the I-Fish Data Communication Cruiseship

31 May 2016

MDPI’s Communications and Development team (Deirdre, Nuri and Indah) kicked off the first I-Fish Data Communication Cruiseship 2016 in May 2016. MDPI collects data from fishermen and discusses the data with fishermen, government, industry and other fishery stakeholders in Data Management Committee (DMC), but this program was more specific to discuss the I-Fish data specifically with local fishermen. The objective of the cruiseship was manifold: capacity building, engagement of stakeholders, relationship building, awareness and most importantly following the idea that fishermen who understand and appreciate the data they contribute to will more willingly engage in the data collection program.

From 3-11 May, MDPI’s Communication and Development team visited 4 sites in Maluku: Tehoru (Seram), Wailihang, Waepure (North Buru) and Assilulu (Ambon). The Fair Trade team (Jaz, Nilam and Ufu) and Supply Chain team (Tuti), joined the Cruiseship trip and presented various aspects of their programs to the gathered fishers. MDPI prepared presentations, posters and individual graphics displaying I-Fish data analysis, such as production per fishing ground, bycatch, fuel use and fish length frequency for the activity. In total 84 fishermen attended the discussions and they were very keen and interested in the I-Fish data and what it could mean for them and their fishing approach. When asked what kind of data they were most interested in, the majority of them wanted to see data from the equivalent month of the previous year. For example: there was a question about the use of which bait resulted in the highest tuna catch in April 2016 versus April 2015 with fishers hypothesizing if they could use previous years data to predict activity in the current year and plan their fishing accordingly. Some fishermen were also interested to know about the biology of tuna (egg maturity and life cycle). MDPI team gathered all of the inputs from fishermen and will follow up on their queries. The Fair Trade team followed up with information on completing the fisher logbooks required for Fair Trade compliance and the Supply Chain team followed up with information to the fishers on traceability implementation in the field.

After the discussion, MDPI team screened a movie and invited the kids to join the fishermen to increase the awareness about Endangered Threatened and Protected (ETP) species. In total 107 kids joined the cinema program and they said that they were happy to watch the movie and are interested to join another movie program in the future.

MDPI would like to send a big thanks to fishermen, kids and MDPI staffs (Mei, Syam, Timur, Asis, Irfan, Ija, Ona, Jamal and Safril) who supported this program and make it a success! MDPI plans to conduct this program in other sites as well, keep in touch with us to keep updated! We are currently planning where the next stop of the cruiseship will be, stay tuned for more details.


Deirdre and Indah are distributing individual graphics to fishermen. Photo credit: MDPI


Fishermen in Wailihang, North Buru after the discussion. Photo credit: MDPI


The kids who joined the cinema program in Wamlana, North Buru. Photo credit: MDPI

Writer: Indah Rufiati

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