Data Validation Meeting in Manado

17 Jan 2018
Indah Rufiati

The Fisheries Improvement Team conducted a data validation meeting in Manado, from 9 – 12 December, to ensure high quality data is entered in to the I-Fish database. This activity is conducted every six months and this time the meeting was attended by Pak Saut, Wildan, Allison, Timur, Juhrin, Karel, Riza and Huda.

The activity began with a short presentation from each participant to update on the current situation and the achievements in the last six months in each region. This was followed by a session of data validation. Participants were divided into three groups to check the data one-by-one from June-November. From this check, a summary was produced for each location, detailing the port sampling coverage percentage, and information on baitfish, bycatch, main target fish and ETP (Endangered, Threatened or Protected) species. Based on the data checking and summaries, the port sampling activities are sampling more than 20% of the total fishing effort in each location, which is in accordance with the port sampling protocol.

This data validation meeting included information sharing sessions by Pak Saut and Allison, updating the participants knowledge about fisheries management, harvest strategy and the basics of stock assessment. In conducting this activity, the Fishery Improvement Team will keep updated on fisheries management concepts and have a good understanding of the data requirements for fish stock assessments. It was a successful meeting, with participants getting more detailed information on activities across MDPI sites and within the bigger picture of MDPI, and the recommendations from the data validation will be included in the data collection and I-Fish process.

Writer: Wildan

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