Data Management Committee (DMC) Meeting in Nusa Tenggara Timur

24 May 2016

MDPI facilitated the 3rd Data Management Committee (DMC) meetings in Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) in the March 2016. The DMC meetings are a co-management initiative of the I-Fish program to gather all stakeholders from government, universities, NGOs, industries and fishers to discuss management of the fishery in their region, especially for tuna and skipjack. The meeting aims to give the DMC members the opportunity to discuss how they want to develop the data management for their region, the desired reporting from the data according to the needs of each stakeholder, to discuss about data ownership, the commitment or further contribution from each stakeholder for the next DMC meeting and to discuss implications of newly introduced regulations.

The 3rd DMC meeting focused on issues related to vessel registration, fishermen concerns about the andon (fishermen from other regions), FADs (Fish Aggregating Devices) and baitfish problems.

MDPI presented data from small-scale tuna fishery sampling activities conducted at several companies in TPI (Tempat Pendaratan Ikan) Oeba and in the district of Larantuka. DMC meetings create a good occasion for MDPI to present the port sampling data collected by MDPI field team. Beside data, MDPI also shares the updates about MDPI programs and projects, such as Traceability, Fair Trade, Fishery Improvement Programs (FIP), NWO and I-Fish development.

DMC meetings cannot happen without the kind support of the stakeholders: DKP NTT, KKP (government), TNC, AP2HI (industry association), WWF (NGO), ANOVA, UD. BM, PT. Okishin Flores, UD. Bara, UD. Tunas Harapan, PT. Charlie Era Pranata (CEP), PT. Nelayan Hidup Makmur (NHM), and all fishermen who are involved in our programs.


All stakeholders in the DMC meeting in Kupang. Photo credit: MDPI

Writer: Wiro Wirandi

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