Communication and Development Department

Efficient internal and external communication of program activities is vital for MDPI as we continue to grow and expand our sites, staff and programs. We are a big team, spread out across many sites in Indonesia, and we like to keep all staff up to date with current activities. MDPI has achieved alot since being established in 2012 and we need to promote our activities to ensure other organisations can learn from our experiences and so that the general public, both nationally and internationally, recognises the great work that is being done with small-scale fisheries in Indonesia. The Communication and Development Department promotes MDPI activities externally through biweekly updates, newsletters, annual reports, activity updates and internally through a system of trip reports and weekly meetings.

Technological advancements mean that there are an increasingly large number of mobile applications, electronic software and data analysis tools that can support and improve how small-scale fisheries are managed and monitored. The Communications and Development Department facilitates MDPI to take a leading role in implementing such technology innovations for small-scale fisheries in South East Asia. We are currently supporting the trialling and implementation of four technology innovations:

  • Dock: a mobile application for data collection activities. Currently trialling in Larantuka and Kupang with the aim to replace paper-based data collection systems in MDPI sites and reduce data errors. Implemented in collaboration with Point97
  • Tally-O: a scanning traceability system, currently being trialled in one Indonesian-based processor and one Vietnam based processor. The aim of this technology is to improve efficiency of data recording in the plants, improve traceability of production lots and increase the ease with which production reports can be produced. Implemented in collaboration with EcoTrust Canada.
  • Smithsonian: a mobile application to support suppliers monitor their fish deliveries from and loans to fishermen. Implemented in collaboration with Smithsonian.
  • SpotTrace: a vessel monitoring system, aiming to verify fishing patterns of small-scale fisheries

A key function of the department is to maintain and develop the I-Fish database and the data collection system. This involves the creation of automatic stakeholder reports, an interactive data access dashboard, expanding to new species and gear types beyond tuna and handline, data analysis for government and stakeholder requests, supporting Data Management Committees, etc. Additionally, the department is develops research activities, supports the intern program for national and international students and any other data and technical requests from program departments.