Co-management Workshop in Makassar

28 Nov 2016

Masyarakat dan Perikanan Indonesia (MDPI) has been collecting data in South Sulawesi Province, specifically in Bone Regency, since 2013. The concept of a co-management approach in South Sulawesi has been discussed since 2014 with the Dinas Kelautan dan Perikanan (DKP) and Mitra Bahari in Makassar. Many changes have happened within the government body since 2014, meaning that the first co-management workshop was held only recently, 15th September 2016. The workshop was held in Makassar, with 26 participants attending, with representatives from SDI-KKP (Sumber Daya Ikan – Kementerian Kelautan dan Perikanan), representatives from DKP Province, Hasanuddin University, NGOs, Industry Association – AP2HI (Asosiasi Perikanan Pole&line dan Handline Indonesia), tuna industries, HNSI (Himpunan Nelayan Seluruh Indonesia) and fishermen representatives from Bone Regency. The aim of this workshop was to introduce the concept of a co-management approach for fisheries management in South Sulawesi and to get feedback and commitment from the participants.

The workshop was officially opened by Head of South Sulawesi DKP Province representative, Ms. Nursyamsi and Mr. Aditya Surono, MDPI Executive Director, who emphasized the importance of strong fishery management in the province. MDPI presented the data that has been collected for almost four years in Bone Regency as a reference for workshop discussion. National government, KKP, represented by Mr. Yayan from PSDI, gave a presentation about the national Fisheries Management Plan, especially in South Sulawesi waters. Hasanuddin University, represented by Dr. Mukti, also presented their research results from different approaches and with most recent technology to support this workshop. From the private sector side, Ms. Kiki Anggraini from AP2HI gave a presentation about why industries also need to be active in giving their data to local and national government. MDPI also invited Dr. Sitti Hilyana from Mitra Bahari Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB) to present the success-story of Data Management Committee (DMC)/co-management approach in NTB area.

The results for this workshop as the following:

  1. Participants fully agree to establish a co-management in South Sulawesi Province.
  2. Participants agree to make a small technical team to focus on discussing the role of each co-management member. And the next meeting for the technical team will be held in November 2016.

Writer: Nandana Godjali and Nuriasih Nababan

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